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Charges filed against teens in gang-related shooting at Billings carnival

Billings, Montana – In April 2023, a confrontation between two rival gangs led to a violent incident outside the Berry’s Cherries carnival in Billings, resulting in the tragic death of 20-year-old Kian Manuel Banderas and subsequent charges against three teenagers. This incident, rooted in gang-related animosity, underscores the grave implications of such conflicts on community safety and youth involvement in criminal activities.

Dominic Tray Roundstone, 15, and Charles Dean Bearcrane, 14, were directly involved in the shooting, with Roundstone being identified as one of the shooters. Despite the presence of a second shooter, charges were not filed against another 14-year-old boy involved that night. The involvement of these young individuals in such a severe crime highlights the deep-seated issues of gang violence within the community.

Dano-Koo Hoaglen, 19, was charged with a felony for tampering with evidence, having allegedly assisted in selling one of the weapons used in the shooting. His involvement, although not at the scene, plays a crucial role in the attempted cover-up following the murder.

The shooting was the culmination of ongoing tensions between the Lash Money gang, affiliated with California’s Lash Money Bloods, and the Parkway gang. The altercation on April 29 was sparked by threats and retaliatory violence that had been brewing between these groups, leading to a deadly encounter that night.

Court documents reveal a chilling sequence of events, with security footage capturing the escalating situation and the eventual decision by security to shut down the carnival early due to the aggressive behavior displayed by groups of youths. The fatal confrontation occurred shortly after, with Banderas and others being targeted by the armed teens as they attempted to leave the area, resulting in Banderas’s death and injury to another teen.

In the aftermath, police investigations led to the recovery of weapons and other evidence linking Roundstone and Bearcrane to the crime. Despite the challenges in ballistic analysis, the recovery of the firearms and social media conversations provided damning evidence against those involved.

The charges against Roundstone, Bearcrane, and Hoaglen highlight the serious consequences of gang affiliation and the impact of firearm accessibility among youths. As the community grapples with the aftermath of this tragedy, the need for interventions to address gang violence and protect vulnerable youth becomes ever more apparent.

The case against the accused is a stark reminder of the tragic outcomes that can result from gang rivalry and the importance of community and law enforcement efforts to prevent such violence. The loss of Kian Manuel Banderas is a painful illustration of the costs of gang-related violence, leaving a community to mourn and reflect on the paths forward to ensure safety and peace.

Ryan Mitchell

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