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Elderly man found dead in Billings identified by authorities

Billings, Montana – Authorities in Billings identified the body found earlier this week near the 1300 block of Minnesota Avenue as 71-year-old Stanley Littleboy. Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder shared details of the case in a news release on Thursday, highlighting the ongoing investigation into this unfortunate incident.

According to Sheriff Linder, the circumstances surrounding Littleboy’s death point to exposure as a possible cause. However, the definitive cause of death is pending, awaiting the results of toxicology tests from the state lab. These reports are crucial for providing clarity but might take several weeks to be finalized.

The discovery of Littleboy’s body was made in a ditch in the area on Tuesday afternoon, sparking immediate concern and investigation. Investigators believe that the body had been there for several days, indicating that Littleboy might have been deceased for some time before being found.

As the investigation continues, authorities are calling on the public for assistance. They are urging anyone with information about Littleboy or the events leading up to his discovery to come forward. Sheriff Linder emphasized the importance of community input in piecing together the last days of Stanley Littleboy and determining the circumstances of his tragic death.

Isabella Taylor

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