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Missing Endangered Person Advisory issued for Billings teenager

Billings, Montana – An urgent appeal has been launched following the disappearance of 16-year-old Montez Other Medicine, prompting officials to issue a Missing Endangered Person Advisory on Friday. Montez, described as 5-foot-9 in height and weighing 160 pounds, with brown eyes, brown hair, and piercings in his ears and septum, has been missing since Wednesday.

He was last observed seeking a ride between Hardin and Crow, wearing blue jeans, white shoes, and a distinctive blue and grey T-shirt layered with a button-up shirt. The specific circumstances of his disappearance have raised significant concerns among law enforcement regarding both his physical and mental health.

The community and authorities are calling for immediate public assistance to help locate Montez. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Bureau of Indian Affairs at 833-560-2065 or to dial 911. The collective effort aims to ensure Montez’s safe return and alleviate the distressing uncertainty surrounding his whereabouts.

Mia White

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