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City of Bozeman secured multiple grants for citywide improvements

Bozeman, Montana – The city of Bozeman experienced a significant financial boost in 2023, securing eight grants totaling a substantial $28 million. These grants, spanning various departments, aim to enhance city services and infrastructure, reflecting the city’s commitment to comprehensive development and community welfare.

Diverse Projects Funded

The largest grant, amounting to $24 million, is allocated for the reconstruction of Kagy Blvd. This project represents a major investment in Bozeman’s transportation infrastructure, ensuring safer and more efficient travel for residents. In addition to this, the city has received grants for diverse initiatives that cater to various aspects of city life.

Among these, a $1.6 million grant is dedicated to the creation of a year-round composting program, signifying Bozeman’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The program will focus on expanding food waste composting throughout the year, reducing landfill use, and promoting eco-friendly waste management practices.

The city has also secured a $900,000 grant for an adult drug court, addressing the crucial issue of substance abuse rehabilitation. This court aims to provide an alternative legal pathway for individuals struggling with addiction, offering treatment and recovery support instead of traditional punitive measures.

Transportation improvement is a recurring theme in the grants, with $750,000 allocated for Transportation Alternatives Capital and $265,000 for Transportation Alternatives Preservation. These funds will be used to enhance and preserve shared-use paths and streets throughout the city, improving accessibility and encouraging environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

Furthermore, the city has obtained $250,000 for a Safe Streets for All Study, a $20,000 grant for historic preservation, and $19,770 for investigations into child exploitation and human trafficking. The historic preservation grant, in particular, is a nod to Bozeman’s rich architectural heritage, focusing on buildings designed by Fred Willson, a prominent local architect.

City’s Departments Benefiting

The grants are distributed across various city departments, reflecting a collaborative effort in Bozeman’s development. The Transportation & Engineering department is a primary beneficiary, receiving the bulk of the grants, including the substantial Kagy Blvd reconstruction fund. These funds will facilitate several critical infrastructure projects, from street reconstruction to extending the life of shared-use paths.

Community Development is another department benefiting from the grants, with funds allocated for documenting historical buildings. The Municipal Court’s grant for a DUI treatment court aligns with Bozeman’s focus on community health and rehabilitation.

The Bozeman Police Department’s grant supports vital work in safeguarding children against human trafficking and exploitation, providing the necessary resources for equipment, technology, and training.

City Manager Jeff Mihelich expressed satisfaction with these developments: “We’re thrilled to see these grants come through to expand our services. Funding is so often a barrier. Having outside funding come through allows staff to better serve residents without relying solely on local dollars.”

The grants represent a significant step forward for Bozeman, enabling the city to undertake crucial projects and initiatives that will benefit its residents for years to come.

Mason Clark

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