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Billings school board proposes mill levies for enhanced safety and mental health support

Billings, Montana – In a significant move towards enhancing safety and mental health support in schools, the School District 2 board recently deliberated on introducing mill levies aimed at funding essential safety measures and personnel. The decision emerged from a pressing need to bolster security and provide comprehensive mental health support within the educational environment, marking a pivotal moment for the community’s commitment to its young learners’ wellbeing.

Enhancing School Safety and Mental Health Support

The proposals, discussed in a meeting at the Lincoln Center board room, have ignited a community-wide conversation on the importance of safety in educational settings. The levies, approximately $2.5 million each for elementary and high school districts, are designed to finance crucial initiatives such as camera systems, safety supplies, and the addition of critical personnel. Emily Romrell, a vocal advocate for safe schools and a member of the district’s Parent Safety Advisory Committee, highlighted the comprehensive nature of the plan. According to Romrell, the levy aligns with the FBI’s recommendations for preventing targeted violence, emphasizing its significance in today’s educational landscape.

The board’s decision to advance the levies, with unanimous votes in favor, underscores a collective determination to address pressing issues head-on. The proposed funds aim to introduce additional counselors, nurses, school resource officers, mental health specialists, and specialists focused on gang and dropout prevention. This multifaceted approach signifies a robust effort to mitigate various challenges facing students, including mental health concerns, which have become increasingly prevalent.

Community members like Erin Walker and Jim Duncan have expressed their support for the initiative, recognizing the crucial role of mental health professionals in alleviating the burdens of depression and anxiety among students. The overwhelming workload on existing counselors and mental health workers has necessitated this call for action, highlighting the district’s vital position in tackling these issues.

The proposed levies represent a strategic investment in the community’s future, prioritizing the safety and mental wellbeing of its youngest members. As the plans move towards a public vote, the overwhelming support from parents, educators, and community leaders illustrates a shared vision for a safer, more supportive educational environment. This initiative not only aims to address immediate concerns but also lays the groundwork for a holistic approach to student welfare, ensuring every child has access to the resources needed to thrive both academically and personally.

Mia White

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