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Billings Police Department reports increase in vandalism incidents

Billings, Montana – The Billings Police Department has reported a significant increase in vandalism incidents, particularly involving cars being damaged overnight.

Billings has seen a disturbing rise in vandalism, with numerous reports coming in on Saturday about damage that occurred overnight. The most notable incidents involve car windows being shattered by a BB gun in the Midtown area. This recent wave of vandalism has resulted in 50 reported cases, creating a sense of concern among residents and vehicle owners in the community.

The affected zone stretches from the 100 block to the 1500 block of Terry, extending northward to Lewis Avenue. This pattern suggests a targeted spree in this specific area, causing considerable inconvenience and distress to those affected.

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Law enforcement officers, along with Community Service Officers (CSOs), are currently engaged in sifting through the reports and conducting a thorough investigation to identify those responsible for these acts of vandalism. The police department is actively working to gather evidence and insights that could lead to resolving these cases.

The Billings Police Department urges anyone with information related to these incidents, or those looking to report similar acts of vandalism, to come forward and contact them. Community cooperation is crucial in helping the authorities address this sudden spike in vandalism and prevent further occurrences. The involvement of local residents can significantly aid the police in their investigation and in ensuring the safety and security of the neighborhood.

Isabella Taylor

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